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Purple Passion Plants-Gynura Aurantiaca

Purple Passion Plants-Gynura Aurantiaca
Gynura Aurantiaca-Also known As The Purple Passion Plant Or The Purple Velvet Plant Part Of The Daisy Family.
Green With Purple Velvet Hairs

Shipped In 18cm Black Pots
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Originates from South East Asia, also found in many other warmer countries such as Australia, South America, Africa.

It is best known as an indoor plant in New Zealand due to our climate being a little colder. It can be grown outdoors as long as you have the right humidity.

Grows Approximately 12inches high, or can grow from 2-3 meters long when grown as a vine. Flowers 1 Time in general in its life span, at this point your Purple Velvet Passion will decline (We remove the flowers as they have a terrible odor) Lasts around 8 years.